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Не про украинские события, нет. Чо-та не хочу я про них писать. А это дарагому северному соседу посвящается.

За злободневностью - под кат. )


Nov. 4th, 2008 11:54 pm
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So much for my hope to never live in a socialistic country again.
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В первый раз - как трагедия, во второй - как фарс. И в третий - для непонятливых.

Муж вернулся из книжного - ходил ребенку книгу покупать. Говорит, в детском отделе стоит биография Обамы в трех изданиях - для младшего школьного возраста, для среднего и для старшего.

Сразу вспомнилось: а это, дети, череп Ленина в 9 лет...
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Все, завязывать надо с политическими дебатами. Совершенно ненужное занятие и позыв к нему надо давить, давить, давить! Опять сегодня не написала ничего путного и бусы не доделала, потому что ругалась весь день за политику.

Нунах. Эти различия - на молекулярном уровне. Кто не понимает, тому не докажешь, а кто понимает - тому и доказывать не надо. Для сохранения формы буду продолжать спорить с Арбатом - у нас с ним молекулярная база одинаковая, по крайней мере, нет ощущения что разговариваешь с пришельцем.
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OK, finally I have a name for what I am: Ex-urban American. I think I like it. :)

Hmmm. Do I need a new separate tag for Sarah Palin?
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Now I can vote with joy, not out of necessity. Even if the union of Arizona and Alaska seems a little bit unnatural. :)
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Probably, ghm...

By the way, if you're not familiar yet with - give it a try.

UPD. Another one.

I swear, here goes my next senseless spending.
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2008 Democratic National Convention Schedule of Events (from Chicago GOP )

7:00 pm ~ Opening flag burning
7:15 pm ~ Pledge of Allegiance to the U. N.
7:20 pm ~ Ted Kennedy proposes a toast
7:25 pm ~ Nonreligious prayer & worship with Jesse Jackson & Al Sharpton
7:45 pm ~ Ceremonial tree hugging
7:55 pm ~ Ted Kennedy proposes a toast
8:00 pm ~ How I Invented the Internet - Al Gore
8:35 pm ~ Ted Kennedy proposes a toast
8:40 pm ~ Our Troops are War Criminals - John Kerry
9.00 pm ~ Memorial service for Saddam & sons - Cindy Sheehan & Susan Sarandon
10:00 pm ~ 'Answering Machine Etiquette' - Alec Baldwin
11:00 pm ~ Ted Kennedy proposes a toast
11:05 pm ~ Collection for the Osama Bin Laden kidney transplant fund -Barbra Streisand
11:15 pm ~ Free the Freedom Fighters from Guantanamo Bay - Sean Penn
11:30 pm ~ Oval Office Affairs - William Jefferson Clinton
11:45 pm ~ Ted Kennedy proposes a toast
11:50 pm ~ How George Bush Brought Down the World Trade Towers - Howard Dean
12:15 am ~ 'Truth in Broadcasting Award' - Presented to Dan Rather by Michael Moore
12:25 am ~ Ted Kennedy proposes a toast
12:30 am ~ Satellite address by Mahmoud Ahmadinejad
12:45 am ~ Nomination of Hillary Rodham Clinton by Nancy Pelosi
1:00 am ~ Ted Kennedy proposes a toast
1:05 am ~ Coronation of Hillary Rodham Clinton
1:30 am ~ Ted Kennedy proposes a toast
1:35 am ~ Bill Clinton asks Ted Kennedy to drive Hillary home

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I don't know who wrote that speech for him, but it was delivered nicely. :)
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...что напоминают мне все эти разговоры о том что надо ж узнать чего террористам и прочим disruptive elements нужно и дать, дать, дать, вашу мать! (с) Григорий Потемкин

Речь председателя колхоза на собрании:

"Дорогі колгоспники! Позапрошлого року ми посіяли 20 центнерів картоплі на гектар, і усю з'їв хрущ. Прошлого року ми посіяли 30 центнерів на гектар, і знов таки-ж, усю з'їв хрущ... Я до чого це кажу? Давайте посіємо цього року 40 центнерів на гектар - хай, курва, вдавиться!"
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Holland’s Justice Minister welcomes his new Islamic overlords: Minister Welcomes Sharia In Netherlands If Majority Wants It.

THE HAGUE, 13/09/06 - Justice Minister Piet Hein Donner considers the Netherlands should give Muslims more freedoms to behave according to their traditions. Muslims refusing to shake hands is fine with him. And Sharia law could be introduced in the Netherlands democratically, in the minister’s view.

Muslims have the right to experience their religion in ways that diverge from Dutch social codes, accordign to the Christian democrat (CDA) minister. He thinks Queen Beatrix was very wise not to insist on a Muslim leader shaking hands with her when she visited his mosque in The Hague earlier this year.

Integration Minister Verdonk did previously scold an imam who would not shake her hand. Without directly referring to this incident, Donner considers “a tone that I do not like has crept into the political debate. A tone of: ‘Thou shalt assimilate. Thou shalt adopt our values in public. Be reasonable, do it our way’. That is not my approach”.

Donner strongly disagrees with a recent plea by CDA parliamentary leader Maxime Verhagen for a ban on parties seeking to launch Sharia (Islamic law) in the Netherlands. “For me it is clear: if two-thirds of the Dutch population should want to introduce the Sharia tomorrow, then the possibility should exist,” according to Donner. “It would be a disgrace to say: ‘That is not allowed!’”

Am spitting mad. Will those people ever wake up?
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Listen, i can understand staged photos. Barely, but at least they really picture something that physically exist, even if it's fake like a fool's gold. But that, I think, is beyond the pale. And if it's really Reuters, it shows once again that you can't believe anyone in world's mass-media, no matter the reputation. And THAT is really scary because there is only one necessary condition for independent thinking - and that is getting at least SOME objective data.

I'm really, truly disgusted.
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Какая прелесть. Ну просто прелесть.

Some details on digging the dead Lebanese children from the rubble their home had become some 8 hours after the last Israeli missile landed anywhere near it.

Whatever else, the event in Qana was a human tragedy. But the photographs do not show it honestly. Rather, they have been staged for effect, exploiting the victims in an unwholesome manner. In so doing, they are no longer news photographs - they are propaganda. And, whoever said the camera cannot lie forgot that photographers can and do. Those lies have spread throughout the world by now and will be in this morning's newspapers, accepted as real by the millions who view them.

The profession of photo-journalism thereby is sadly diminished by them, and the trust in those who took them and in those who carried them is misplaced. Truly, we are dealing with loathesome creatures.

Well said.

Update: even more details that point on staging.

Sorry if this is old news for someone.
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The news this morning brings word of a massacre of children in Lebanon at the hands of the IAF. There is no other word for it: they were asleep, and now they are dead. It is a profound tragedy, an unspeakable horror, and a wrenching consequence of war. It is also, contrary to what you will hear in the coming days, utterly irrelevant to the justice of the Israeli cause, and meaningless to the need for a ceasefire.

The notion that civilians do not die in war is a new and absurd concept: it was not terribly long ago that they were not merely expected to, but meant to. The modern concept of civilian slaughter-as-tactic (or even strategy) was born in the minds of airpower visionaries like Giulio Douhet, and brought to fruition by the likes of "Bomber" Harris and Curtis Le May. (The premodern concept of the same was simply a feature of warfare from time immemorial.) The Second World War saw the maximum application of this concept: and if, postwar, men shrank from it, they did not therefore shrink from that cause, or their belief in the justice of the victors. Let us further note that those who did raise their voices against "area bombing" in the six decades since raised them against that per se -- the intentional slaughter of civilians as such. They did not and do not protest, for example, the appalling slaughter of French civilians from the air in the Normandy campaign. Nor should they. There is a difference between murder and manslaughter; war is war; and the Allies were forced by military necessity in a fight against a barbarous foe. Most who think about this -- and they are admittedly few -- understand this.

What a pity that this measure of sanity is abandoned where Israel is concerned.

Let us call the childrens' deaths in Qana what they are: a horrific freak of war. They were not intended; they were not actively sought; and they were not the product of criminal negligence. In weeks of war and thousands of sorties against a foe that intentionally hides amongst civilians in the active hope of just this manner of carnage, the remarkable fact is that this hasn't happened before. Contrary to founding advocates of airpower -- and unlike its battlefield foes -- Israel does not seek the death of civilians for their own sake. Pace the rationalizations extended to Allied aircrews obliterating Western European villagers unfortunate enough to live near a rail junction, Israel does not even regard acceptance of this manner of death -- unintended, incidental, and not worth especial efforts to preclude -- as acceptable within the moral parameters of war. The uninformed and the insane will react with bitter derision upon being told this, on the heels of the news from Qana: but their emotional self-indulgence does not negate the fact at hand.

Need it be said -- and it is a sign of our fallen age that it does need to be said -- Israel's enemy in this war operates under no such constraint. (One assumes that in bygone days, the difference between a Western democracy and a band of murderous savages would not need repeated explanation.) Hezbollah and the average Islamist do not shrink from direct assaults on civlians as such and as an end in itself. Indeed, it has been their sole tactic in this entire war. If they have not produced scenes of masses of dead children, it is not for lack of trying -- it is, after all, the only thing they try for. That they have not managed it is indicative of the confluence of blind luck and Israeli battlefield superiority. But give it time: give it infinite time to launch its rockets and try its luck, as the braying proponents of ceasefire would have it, and eventually we'll see Jewish children, too, incinerated in their sleep. The difference, of course, is that the perpetrators then will celebrate.

In a sane world, we would give thanks for Hezbollah's failure to murder, regret what has happened in Qana, and reaffirm the justice of the Israeli war. But this is not a sane world: in place of right and wrong, too many appear to operate in a universe of strong and weak (or, one suspects, Jew and non-Jew) -- and their sympathy goes to the weak, even if the weak is a shell of a polity married to a genocide-minded Muslim murder-front. For those of us with our sanity intact, we have but one message this morning for the IAF: keep bombing.

As my Russian-speaking compatriots would say, I sign under each word of it.

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"Harry J. Anslinger, a former railroad cop and Prohibition agent, is almost singlehandedly responsible for outlawing marijuana...
When he was named America's first drug czar in 1930 Anslinger initially tried to keep the Bureau of Narcotics clear of the marijuana issue because he knew eradication would be impossible. The stuff grows, he said, "like dandelions." But in the budget squeeze of Great Depression he decided to create a little excitement by transforming marijuana from a low grade nuisance into an evil "as hellish as heroin". To add a little spice he played the race card.
"Reefer makes darkies think they're as good as white men... the primary reason to outlaw marijuana is its effect on the degenerate races... most are Negroes, Hispanics, Filipinos, and entertainers. Their Satanic music, jazz, and swing, result from marijuana use. This marijuana causes white women to seek sexual relations with Negroes, entertainers, and any others."

Most Americans had never heard of the weed. Clearly Congress hadn't either. The transcript of the 1937 Congressional Hearings on the Taxation of Marijuana are "near comic examples of dereliction of legislative responsibility,", according to one legal observer. The principal witness was Commisioneer Anslinger and his evidence consisted of newpaper clippings. The solitary nedical expert, Dr. William Woodward of the AMA, undermined Anslinger's testimony by pointing out that the facts in these newspaper clippings had originated with the Commissioner himself.

But the hour ws late and it was time to move on. In a vote they didn't bother to record, on a maatter of little interest, a handful of Congressmen forwared a bill that would one day fill the nation's prisons to the roof beams."

(source: "Reason", v.38#4, 09/2006), see also

Original article.

Via [ profile] ivan_ghandhi

No comments needed, of course.
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For the millions of Christian Lebanese, driven out of our homeland, "Thank you Israel," is the sentiment echoing from around the world. The Lebanese Foundation for Peace, an international group of Lebanese Christians, made the following statement in a press release to Israeli Prime Minister Ehud Olmert concerning the latest Israeli attacks against Hezbollah:

"We urge you to hit them hard and destroy their terror infrastructure. It is not [only] Israel who is fed up with this situation, but the majority of the silent Lebanese in Lebanon who are fed up with Hezbollah and are powerless to do anything out of fear of terror retaliation."

Their statement continues, "On behalf of thousands of Lebanese, we ask you to open the doors of Tel Aviv's Ben Gurion Airport to thousands of volunteers in the Diaspora willing to bear arms and liberate their homeland from [Islamic] fundamentalism.

We ask you for support, facilitation and logistics in order to win this struggle and achieve together the same objectives: Peace and Security for Lebanon and Israel and our future generations to come."

The once dominate Lebanese Christians responsible for giving the world "the Paris of the Middle East" as Lebanon used to be known, have been killed, massacred, driven out of their homes and scattered around the world as radical Islam declared its holy war in the 70s and took hold of the country.

They voice an opinion that they and Israel have learned from personal experience, which is now belatedly being discovered by the rest of the world.

The civilized world, which erroneously vilified the Christians and Israel back then and continues to vilify Israel now, was not paying attention. )


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